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There you go, download our new tracks and artwork for free. And do it now! Listen to the songs, let us know if you like them, send them to your friend and foe, post the cover and the download link in of these social media platforms, just help us out, by getting new listeners to „By(e) Default“. Thank you so much!

Stereo Dynamite



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1. Blackout Routine

2. Judge Us (Feat Christoph von Freydorf)

3. Carry The Weight

4. End Of Our King

5. Obey

What’s up with the EP at all?

We are trapped in the everyday grid, follow selfish patterns and complain about exactly this state without taking the initiative for a change.

But all too often it’s the little things that can change the world: open the door for the one after you, say thank you, listen to what others say and shout „NO“ to all those who agitate against the weak.

Little gestures, big effect. Pass by and overcome the average. But first of all, start with yourself – to this principle we subordinated „by(e) default“.

This time we decided to record five songs. These are about breaking out of routines, questioning stereotypes, loss and cohesion and standing up after the fall.

Within these songs, we tried to break up structures that we have done so far and change them: quiet down, where volume is awaited, more pressure where less is expected but then again, Stereo Dynamite, where Stereo Dynamite was necessary.

Sometimes it’s the little things that can change the world. But you have to start with yourself. Say goodbye to the standard – by(e) default

Stereo Dynamite



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