Judge Us (Feat Christoph von Freydorf)

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Olli (Radio Havanna / Faust Hoch) about the song

„Holy cow! With “Judge Us” our friends from the south (BaWü) released a real punk rock anthem. The song is against fear, hate, prejudice and agitation against minorities and we could not be happier that these guys who obviously have their hearts in the right place are also supporters of our “Faust Hoch“ campaign. We wish Stereo Dynamite much success with their new EP and look forward to many more shows together!“

The Lyrics

It’s not a border on a map, it’s not a barrier like a wall. It is the routine in your head, education built to fall. It’s not the words you use, it’s the meaning behind. An open mind can see, an empty head stays blind.

It’s not a mindset from the start, this was planted in your days. Can you look into the future, will you see a lonely face? Please take your two steps back, while we leave you behind. Open hearts refine, the empty wait in line.

How dare you judge us for being different when you stand alone? How dare you hate us for being everything you wanted when you never had the strength to be yourself.

Some day you will see: your anger is a dead end street. Some day you will see that it is „us”, not „you and me“.

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