Why have we been so quiet lately? So that we can be louder in the future! We spent most of the year fusing guitar & bass into one instrument.

Why? More energy, more space for great melodies and two electric guitars on stage, which can deliver even the deep bass sounds. What does that mean specifically for our line-up? Although Hanni will not swing the bass any more, he will apply his skills on the lead guitar. Matze will take care of the hybrid guitar and Gäschi will do what he always did.

You can find out at our hometown show how this sounds, on 8th of December at the White Rabbit Club, here’s the event.

P.S: The horny guys from Kaffkönig will support us in the evening, so it’s worth twice!

A small taste of the new hybrid guitar, which will be in action immediately, can be found here:

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