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Matze about the song

„Obey is a very personal song for me and our drummer Gäschi. Two years ago, in November, we lost a friend we both knew from an early age. You could have so much fun with him, that you forgot everything around. Unfortunately, depression has taken over and won in the end.

This song is not only a farewell, but also an appeal to friendship: Be always there for each other and exchange your positive experiences, but also the worst fears with each other. “The worst way to leave the show is the back door.”

The Lyrics

You made us smile, you brought back the light, you made us forget about the person behind. You’ve switched your face, no big deal. So which one was fake, which one was real?

You made a choice, you let the letter grow, you begged for words, but how could we know? Watch the blank stage, while I know for sure: The worst way to leave the show is the back door.

But when the curtain falls, and those colors fade away, you are home alone without a reason to stay.

November, bring back despair, you didn’t know how many of us would care.

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